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Who We Are

We hold to the absolute authority of Scripture, the centrality of God, the primacy of preaching, the sovereignty of grace, and God exalting worship in spirit and truth.

We are a doctrinally conservative congregation that holds to a reformed understanding of the Scripture in a Baptistic tradition. The term "reformed" comes from the period of church history called "The Reformation", when important Biblical truths were recovered and reemphasized, truths that we embrace to this day. At Grace Reformed Baptist Church we have chosen to identify ourselves as Reformed Baptists. For an explanation of what we mean by the term "Reformed Baptist", please click here.

Among the truths recovered during the reformation are the "Sola's". These are

  • "sola scriptura" ("scripture alone" as the authority for life and practice in the church),
  • "sola gratia" (God's sovereign "grace alone" as the reason for our salvation without any actual or potential  human merit),
  • "sola fide" (justification by "faith alone" and no human works),
  • "solus Christus" (salvation through the Person and work of Jesus "Christ alone"),
  • "soli Deo gloria" (all things ultimately for "the glory of God alone").